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How can mindful breathing enhance performance?


We can go about 3 days without water, longer without food, but only minutes without oxygen;


For this reason, mastering our relationship with our breath is one of our most powerful tools for strengthening all other connections & systems within our bodies for enhanced overall performance both in & out of the gym.

Knowing how to use our breath can enable us to:

➡️ calm & connect with the body under stress, both in our workouts & in our everyday lives

➡️ maximize our recovery intervals & emphasize efficiency in our workouts to achieve new performance peaks & avoid plateaus

➡️ increase our sense of body + self awareness and know how to elicit the body’s relaxation response whenever we need to

➡️ practice visualization for performance as well as movement skill work + drills to enhance our mind + muscle connection + muscle development

➡️ correct improper movement mechanics + body alignment ex. knowing how to brace and breathe during movements & especially any kind of heavy lifting

➡️ focus under pressure & draw us in to the present moment which can also help us shift + control our internal dialogue & nerves etc.

ex. A few deep breaths before shooting a free throw in basketball, starting a workout or conditioning session, taking the field before the start of a game, or before going on stage for a performance or presentation etc.

➡️ The easiest way to begin? Try 5 deep breaths whenever you feel like you need a mind + body reset, focusing on each part of the inhale + each part of the exhale & notice how you feel after!


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