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The Purestate Performance Method Is...



The Purestate Performance Method is about feeling & performing at our best from the inside out.

It’s based on a Holistic, whole person perspective when it comes to coaching & training.

It’s a method created from my own transformation & life long love of movement, backed with over a decade of experience, passion & commitment to helping other people feel their best.

It’s about looking at all pieces of what makes us happy, healthy, thriving human beings, and training + fueling in a way that is individual and unique to each of us.

It’s about having a vision for the way we want to feel when we wake up every morning & following through with that vision.

It’s about connecting, learning & incorporating different training methods + techniques that help drive us mentally, physically, emotionally for everyday life.

It’s about coming back to our center & using functional training as the foundation of realistic + sustainable transformation.

It’s about making use of the natural tools + resources we have around us to help connect us back to simpler, less commercialized ways of taking care of ourselves.

It’s about finding balance in the ways we choose to move, fuel & live for optimal performance + most importantly, enjoyment in each.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions + to book a free consultation to find out more about this 12 - Week Group Coaching Course!

- KG



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