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Vision: the ability to see & feel the results of your actions before you take them...


Vision: the ability to see & feel the results of your actions before you take them.

If you take the time to visualize yourself doing something you are much more likely to accomplish it, whether in athletic training or in life.


Visualization skills & techniques in combination with listening to our intuition can be used to unleash a new level in achieving our goals while simultaneously existing as happy, healthy, human beings in the pursuit of what we love to do and what drives us in this lifetime we share.

Whether on a walk with your dog, on the train, waiting in line, in the shower, or in a dedicated space for your meditation or mindfulness practice, try to take 5min to visualize yourself at your happiest whatever that means to you. It may be a moment that you’ve already lived & experienced (either in life or for athletic performance training) like hugging someone you love, laughing with friends, dancing to your favorite song, a moment in nature, hitting a new PR on a lift or run, making the winning play, landing a dream job, being in your favorite place, your most peaceful vacation or ideal place to live etc. or, it could be something totally new.

➡️ Wherever you land, take a moment to - see, hear, touch, smell & taste, activating your senses internally, to tune into those feelings of genuine happiness & accomplishment aligned with what you really want, even if it’s only for the duration of the visualization (for now).

➡️ Remember that it’s your vision, no one else’s so it can literally look + feel like anything you want it to

➡️ As with any training, visualization can be fine tuned with commitment + practice & applied over time

➡️ The point isn’t perfection, it’s being able to have an idea of where you want to go, what you will achieve & see + start to feel yourself arriving there.

➡️ Our runs/walks are one of our favorite ways to incorporate it, whether in movement or in stillness - give it a shot whenever/wherever works for you!


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