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What is Holistic Coaching + Training & what does it have to do with Performance?

Having a Holistic approach when it comes to Coaching & Training means that we are considering all aspects of what makes us human when it comes to our desired fitness & performance goals.

From this comprehensive perspective, we are considering the whole person & their individual journey:

Mind+body+spirit ✨

Instead of just one piece.

Why is this perspective crucial for performance?

Because the external transformation of the body originates within the mind.

When we begin to understand that everything is connected, we can use this as a powerful method towards deeper understanding of our own bodies, patterns, habits & mental + athletic roadblocks.

There should be a fluid relationship between these moving parts, understanding that one, equally impacts the other;

that there is a “fitness” component involved in both.

We can essentially multi-task, simultaneously training the muscles of our body, while also actively achieving a higher level of mental performance & consciousness through repeated+intentional daily stimulation & training of the mind in our workouts.

We are continually evolving, different from one day to the next, & we are much more powerful than we sometimes feel or believe;

When we begin to tap into all of these moving pieces, we become aware of how we can make the most of each training session, for optimal, sustainable results both internally+externally.


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