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We have the ability to train our brains...

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

We now know that neurogenesis - the process by which our brains generate and create new cells or neurons in the hippocampus - can occur at any age;

This ancient part of our brain has been most extensively researched for it’s ability to create new neurons INTO adult life - and is the part of our brain associated with abilities such as: spacial navigation, learning new information, encoding our memories, holding a thought 💭 after being interrupted, recognizing and remembering patterns and sequences, regulating appetite, our emotions + our conscious knowledge;

The best part is, we can actively aid our brain in this process with daily “exercises” that involve keeping the brain engaged to help encourage neurogenesis throughout our lives.

I became fascinated by this idea while caring for my grandma;

She would sit, close her eyes and recall dates, facts, phone numbers, important memories, recite poetry off the top of her head, while also still performing mental math and refusing to use a calculator when asked a question.

She was successful in this practice, and proudly kept her mind “young" - all the way to 95.

What I was most in awe of, was her determination + grace in how she fought for it and actively challenged herself in these ways daily; leading by example in performing these simple, yet stimulating mental “workouts” every day - that I would in due time, learn by her example.

There are many activities that can achieve these same results and we tend to gravitate towards them instinctually in our own lives;

For me, there was a connection between what I learned from my grandma and my own love of movement - dance and training my physical body beyond just going through the motions.

It was a deeper knowing that something else is happening when you’re in that “zone” - and I was able to fully understand this connection when I began coaching + programming full-time.

I realized that my responsibility as a coach went beyond teaching physical skills - by fueling our instinctual + innate desire as human beings to take care of ourselves and thrive...


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