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Purpose + Intention + Intuition...

PURPOSE: Reason for living + waking up each morning; can turn into ones profession, career, legacy, passion


PURE INTENTION: Living + acting honestly everyday with a “do no harm” mentality - to yourself, to others, in your interactions, in your work, in your relationships, believing that your actions matter & that you have the power to influence other people positively & negatively, and always choosing the positive


HEIGHTENED INTUITION: The desire + commitment to take your life back into your own hands through an instinctual desire to heal any damage done + thrive through the continual pursuit of optimal health + well being


INNER SILENCE: Ability to be honest with yourself about all aspects of life, including the way we treat & care for ourselves, the people we love, and anyone we meet


PEACEFUL LIVING: Actively reminding yourself of your purpose & feeling mentally + physically strong enough to follow your intuition to take care of yourself + your body AND having the knowledge + autonomy to follow through every day

Purpose —> Pure Intention —> Heightened Intuition —> Inner Silence —> Peaceful Living —> Purpose... etc #purestateliving


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