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Movement is cumulative...

Movement is cumulative;

This means that every mindful effort you put in during your day counts towards your overall health & well-being.

Even if no one sees the extra squats you do, or the push ups before work, or the effort you put in running around with your kids, or the lap you take around the block with your dog, your body knows and remembers.

One of our biggest tips for clients who are short on time or don’t know where to begin, is to see where they can fit in any extra movement blocks throughout their day & ways to add more movement realistically into their schedules.

While it may not be as glamorous as a full workout in the moment, the point is that you can and will still see, and more importantly FEEL results from these repeated efforts.

Maybe you don’t have a full hour, but you have one or a few 10 MIN blocks throughout your day for something as simple as a 10 MIN Bodyweight AMRAP of 3 movements:

5 - Push Ups

10 - Squat + Hinge

20 - Mountain Climbers/Alternate Rounds with SL V-Ups

This is our personal method for when life gets busy and we help clients do the same by structuring these different “go to” movements & movement blocks with intention;

Movements & movement patterns that will fit in anywhere in your day,

and especially on the days where time is of the essence.

Just know that even when/if no one else sees the efforts in between, your body does, and it makes all the difference towards strength, muscle endurance & tone, as well as overall mental + physical performance & well-being.

Mindful movement + strategy are key to success in any sustainable Health & Wellness plan.


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