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Mindful Movement = Enhanced Performance


How is your relationship to your movement?


I fell in love with movement growing up as a dancer, and quickly became fascinated with how our bodies move and how we can manipulate our movements for better performance + quality of life for longer + the impact that the way we move has on the way we feel, both mental + physical.

When it comes to training clients, and those who are new or newer to movement, I like to begin by having them “master” a warm-up/base sequence of movements that will set them up for success in any workout & that progresses with them as we move through their specific program & performance goals

— By building this foundation it allows me to note visual changes with every session in the fluidity and ease/difficulty in the warm-up + new movements and we can work on different stance techniques unique to each persons body. Most importantly, the client begins to recognize familiar movement patterns, and I am able to teach the “why” behind the importance of each and how they relate to all the variations we will encounter throughout the program

— As a coach, I am looking for body awareness, breathing, focus, coordination, agility, flexibility, core strength & stability, balance/imbalance, any injury compensations past/current, foot positioning & floor grip (even better when we can train barefoot) and gathering as much information visually as I can to help me quickly understand each persons unique way of moving, and what adjustments (if any) may be necessary for their programming

— The warm-up and base sequence of movements grows with them/their program and the trust built from the familiarity of certain movements + increasing their intensity + a sense of mastery, recall, repetition and success + developing strength in the beginning is just the start of something much bigger in a clients movement story

— The true “win” comes from being able to trust your own body + your own movement + fully appreciate how your mind relates to your movement + how your relationship with both can be simultaneously enhanced with each training session...

Mindful Movement = Enhanced Performance

These are just a few bodyweight examples & some of the movement breakdowns available in our movement library which we will be continuing to build and add to weekly!


Music: Possbile

Artist: Jeff Kaale


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