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Food for performance...

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

“When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use;

When diet is correct, medicine is of no need.”

Ayurvedic Proverb


Calories in vs. calories out - works great when you are talking about burning enough of your food as fuel, not storing excess fat, & the right combination will result in weight loss...

This method is often used to help us break down & become aware of what we consume in an average day & understand how this may be affecting our health, and our ability to effectively lose + maintain our weight loss.

However, it can be simplified even further to following:

QUALITY of calories in vs. calories expended through daily activity + mindful movement - WILL result in an overall enhanced sense of well-being + empowerment in the decisions you are making for your health, because of the inevitable change in how you FEEL.

THE QUALITY of the calories matter, not only for your physical health, but also for your mental health, clarity & daily performance!

What we eat directly correlates with how we FEEL:

Yes you can lose weight with the initial equation - which will of course result in other overall health benefits - but it is in the evaluation of the quality of the calories you are consuming that is the simplest way to take some of your health back into your own control.

We often mistake a new diet trend as a miraculous "quick fix", that will prepare us for some important "destination" or life event coming up.

This mentality of a "destination" + restrictive eating periods can unfortunately lead to a more complicated cycle of under-eating + over-eating; what is typically known as "yo-yo" dieting + eventual weight gain after the diets completion.

These cycles can be broken when we start to pay attention to how what we are putting in our bodies is making us feel; for ourselves, not for anyone else.

It is often a process of understanding our own relationship with food, how we developed this relationship + why, and our purpose + reason for making any dietary adjustments.

We have this beautiful, innate desire to take care of ourselves + strive for our own personalized vision of optimal health.

When we remove the mentality of a "diet" completely and instead focus on subtle + manageable changes, we become more conscious of how what we consume may be affecting not only our overall performance, but even more importantly, our overall sense of happiness & well-being.

When you focus instead on the quality of what you consume, you can completely eliminate “counting” or “tracking” or “dieting” & debunk all of the misinformation out there in our current unrealistic, trendy + commercialized, diet + "quick-fix" culture.

You can love your body + take care of it at the same time when you realize you have a say in how you feel everyday;

Fueling our bodies was never meant to be this complicated...


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