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Why CBD?

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

There is an additional system throughout our bodies responsible for regulating homeostasis, also known as our internal BALANCE;

This is our Endocannabinoid System or (ECS) & it ensures that all different cells throughout our body communicate effectively but not excessively; meaning that there is an ideal internal flow + harmony in each of our bodies systems where we feel, move + perform at our BEST.

Why is this important especially from a preventative health + wellness perspective?

Our ECS regulates some of our most important bodily functions such as:

Stress response + mood, appetite, sleep, pain tolerance, immune function & inflammation response…

It is essentially in charge of + in tune with all the rest and it’s proper functioning is vital in our pursuit of optimal health, peace + performance;

How was this system discovered and why didn’t we hear about sooner?

Discoveries about this system have all come from the CANNABIS PLANT 🌱 in the last 50 years & with the isolation of the two most well known + researched cannabinoids: THC & it’s Non-Psychoactive partner CBD;

What does this all mean?

The research is complementing what those before us intuitively knew; that humans have the ability to evolve + interact with the cannabis plant, and that we can use the science to reinforce this powerful, innate, internal balance system designed by nature to keep us healthy + thriving, when mindfully toned & reinforced.

While personalized + individualized cannabis use is not the only thing that helps in regulating our ECS (with other examples being a nutrient dense diet, mindfulness, movement choice + exercise, etc...) it has the unique ability not only to communicate but restore + balance crucial endocannabinoids in situations where deficiency is the issue;

Now, guess what environmental stressors are commonly known to DISRUPT + harm our ECS:

Lack of sleep, chronic stress + pain (emotional or physical), highly processed + packaged foods, lack of exercise or enjoyable movement, pharmaceuticals, chemical additives, excess sugar, etc…

While this information has the ability to completely change the way we view our individual + collective health, there is so much intention & destruction behind why it has been SLOW to come to light:

These findings - in conjunction with the dedicated + determined scientists, researchers & doctors & activists - is helping in the fight to debunk the misinformation & criminalization surrounding the cannabis plant, cannabis reform + the continued battle for legalization + decriminalization + acknowledgment from those currently profiting from the booming cannabis market + the legislation behind it + who will benefit most from the previous & forthcoming research on this topic - as it is VITAL to our overall health & well-being not only in our individual lives + bodies, but our world.


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